About Acupuncture in Laguna Beach

Dr Davies, DAOM, L.Ac.,Dipl.O.M. outside her acupuncture clinic in Laguna Beach. Photo Mary Hurlbut.

Anne Davies

Her studies of Chinese Medicine began as a teenager at the Taoist Sanctuary. She went on to earn a BA in Psychology and an MA in HR and Organization Development. She left her native Southern California to travel the world and enjoy a successful career in management consulting. Still, she never lost her passion for Chinese Medicine. After she retired from consulting in 2007 she earned an MS in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. Anne is both an NCCAOM nationally board-certified Diplomate and a California state licensed Acupuncturist. She opened her private practice in Laguna Beach in 2013. Photo by Mary Hurlbut.

Dr Davies, DAOM, L.Ac.,Dipl.O.M. consulting with a patient in her clinic. Photo by Mary Hurlbut.

What You Can Expect from Her Practice

Dr Anne will listen to you and answer any questions you might have about Traditional Chinese medicine. She will address your pain using time tested healing methods and traditional medicines. She will work with you to create a realistic treatment plan and she will help you to achieve your health goals. Her bias is prevention so she may also suggest some new ideas for your consideration regards; nourishment, movement, and building your resilience for a brighter - healthier - future. Photo by Mary Hurlbut.

The Greeter points at Village Faire Shoppes. The location of Dr Anne's clinic. Photo Mary Hurlbut

Natural Pain Relief

Chinese Medicine treats the whole person. It is not an alternative medicine: it is a traditional holistic medicine based upon thousands of years of observation and experience.Traditional medicines work to stimulate your body's own natural mechanisms and defenses unlike stronger allopathic medicines that override your body's own systems. If you would like to know if this approach could work for your condition call Dr Anne. The clinic is located in The Village Faire Shoppes. Photo by Mary Hurlbut.