Chinese Five Element Workshop

Learn how to use the Elements


During this 90 minute workshop we will look at how to follow the generation cycle to bring more balance and harmony into your life and relationships. We will also review how to tell when your elements are out of balance. We will also help you determine your particular element, answer any questions you might have about the elements and provide you with additional resources you can follow up with on your own.

Support Sea Life


Normally at this time of the year the PMMC has 2 patients. This year they have 22. A series of marine heat waves have made it even harder this year for ocean life to survive. 

So please think about all those times you have looked at, or swam with, seals and their friends and all the joy they brought to your heart.

All funds raised at this event go to the PMMC.

Bring your mat or cushion


Saturday, February 15, 1:00 - 2:30. 

There are three ways to register:

1. If you currently practice at PBY and have their app on your phone you can reserve your spot on their app.

2. You can email Laguna Beach Acupuncture at: and let us know you would like to attend.

3. You can call the Laguna Beach Acupuncture land line at (949) 407 8728 and leave us a message.

Pay at the door with cash or a check made out to PMMC. The suggested donation is $25. 



This workshop is being presented by Dr Anne Davies, DAOM, L.Ac  from LBA and will feature colorful slides, humorous anecdotes and lots of practical advice that you can use right away.

Have Questions?


If you have any questions about the location please contact Pacific Blue Yoga. if you have any questions about the content please contact Laguna Beach Acupuncture.

At a glance


  1. Fun and practical 90 minute workshop about using the power of 5 Elements in your life
  2. Funds raised are going to an excellent cause
  3. Great location