Acupuncture in Laguna Beach



Dr. Anne uses only the finest equipment and supplies in her practice. From Seirin brand needles "The painless one" to Swarovski crystal topped ear pellets and traditional all-glass fire cups ; all of her supplies and equipment are designed to ensure that your treatment is safe, effective and painless. Most of Dr Anne's patients' just drift off to sleep on the comfy heated table during their treatments and wake up amazed they were ever afraid of acupuncture. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine


Laguna Beach Acupuncture carries Evergreen and TCM Zone brand herbal medicines. These brands are produced with the highest quality and purity standards ensuring that your herbal prescriptions are safe and effective. Formulas are available in convenient capsules, powders, or easy to travel with granule sachets. The clinic is also stocked with Battle Balm and Five Mountains brand heirloom organic herbal teas and tisanes for your health and enjoyment.

Nutritional Advice


Nourishing yourself for optimal health and performance can be trying with your busy schedule, dizzying choices and seeming endless contradictions about what you should and should not eat. Dr Anne will work with you to determine your best individual plan for getting the nutrition that you need to achieve or maintain your best state of health. So you can feel and look your best while you rule your world. If you should need any; the clinic is stocked with nutraceuticals by Orthomolecular Products

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