Unlock Your Potential

Reduce Pain


Living your best life is difficult if you are in pain. Dr. Anne understands this and doesn't just treat the resulting symptoms of an imbalance; she looks to find the cause of the pain too. So whether your pain is chronic or acute her approach focuses on reducing pain now and preventing it from coming back in the future. So you can live your best life.

Boost Immunity


When your immune system is challenged by too much stress and not enough rest; fatigue, frequent colds, skin, and digestive issues can appear. If this sounds like you Dr. Anne will work with you, as she has many others,  to eliminate these symptoms and create a realistic plan to keep them from coming back. Giving you more time and energy to be your fabulous self.

Feel Better


Dr. Anne cares about your total well being. Her private Chinese Medicine clinic is designed to be calm and relaxing. Your time is important and her clinic doesn't have a waiting room. Dr Anne sees only one patient at a time to ensure that you and your health concerns get all the attention they deserve. This is your private place for healing in Laguna Beach. Be well.


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