Detox and Chill


Acupressure for your ears - to go - or hang out

Auricular Therapy - Your ears also benefit from many known acupuncture points and just as on the body we can activate those points using needles, magnets, pressure etc. We choose points to activate based on what you need to have addressed. For example if you are currently experiencing pain, are feeling stressed, or are finding it difficult to sleep; auricular therapy can help. 

Ear Magnets - We can apply small gold plated ear magnets (plain or crystal topped both shown in the picture) using a clear adhesive patch in minutes that will get to work instantly and stay on for days. If you are an existing patient you always have the choice to include these as part of your regular treatment without an additional charge.

Detox Drop In - If you are an existing patient and haven't got time for a full treatment; contact me and I can usually fit this treatment in over lunch time or in between patients as it only takes a few minutes to place ear magnets. In addition, on Thursday 3/28 we are opening a slot (we are calling The Detox Drop In) from 5:00 - 6:00  for a community style, drop in time, where people can come into the clinic for an application of ear magnets ($20 for plain and $25 for crystal topped). At the Detox Drop In you can have ear magnets placed in about 5 minutes and leave or you can choose to hang out and have a cup of tea on the house. If you are an existing "Zen" package holder this service is complimentary. We proudly use EarSeeds brand featuring 24K gold and Swarovski crystals.